May 22, 2011

Super 3D Rose using Aluminum Foil

Ready :
 1 Core Pistil
2 Small Petals
4 Medium Petals
then combime them together
(it's faster then using 3D acrylic mold)

Super 3D Rose

3D Acrylic Mold - Rose

This is 3D Acrylic Mold
It help you to make 3D easier

The following is my sample Super 3D Rose
Finish Rose can paste on the nail to make special design

May 9, 2011

Manicure Bowl

Manicure Bowl

Ez Flow High Definition Starter Kit

High Definition Starter Kit
Take the plunge into the superior side of acrylics with HD Advanced Acrylic System. Filled with all you will need to produce a perfect set of nails each and every time, this high tech system includes larger sizes of HD Powder and Primerless Monomer as well EzFlow Bond, a pH balancing agent and nail dehydrator. This fully comprehensive system utilizes the patented Smart Polymers™ technology for gorgeous nails that never quit!

Kit Contains:
0.75 oz net wt HD Powder in Clear, Pink, Cover Pink, White
4 fl oz HD Primerless Monomer
0.5 oz EzFlow Bond
20 pk Classic French Tips

Ez Flow Primer

Ez Flow Primer 0.5oz

  • Primer is designed to penetrate the surface o the nail plate and dehydrate the nail completely, which prepares the nail for maximum adhension.

  • Ready, set, primer! This formulation penetrates the nail, releasing moisture and oil in preparation for nail maximun adhension of enhancements - no pop-offs or lifting.

Ez Flow UV 30 Top Coat

UV 30 Top Coat 0.5 oz

  • Contains a reflective barrier with optical enhancers to make the white free edge of enhancements whiter-than-white! Also enhances the natural look of the nail bed as it protects nails from UV exposure.

  • Protects nails from ultra violet exposure. The reflective barrier in UV 30 is also an optical enhancer that brings out the natural look of the nail bed and white of the free edge. Not for use with nail polish. Works with any system.


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